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    Thank you for everyone who applied to xEdu Fall ’16 Program. Selection process is now ongoing as you read this.

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    About xEdu

    xEdu is an accelerator company in the education sector. Finland as its home base is ideal given Finland’s vibrant startup environment and excellent education ecosystem. xEdu brings educational excellence and entrepreneurial mindset together to boost the creation of future-proof education products and services. Xedu has quickly gained visibility and high respect across the relevant business segments as well as public sector; nation-wide and internationally.

    xEdu provides a full startup and cross-domain ecosystem in the education. Partnership with the most relevant global tech companies brings technology expertise. Hands-on interaction with the world class educators and teachers secure pedagogical expert evaluation and feedback. Liaison with recognized business influencers provides insights into the latest market realities and business rules.

    xEdu Accelerator Program enables the participating startups to develop scalable, pedagogically-verified and commercially-viable learning solutions.

    xEdu is the best education business accelerator in the world, orchestrating a completely new startup ecosystem. It works as an intermediator between the most potential startups in the education business and target customers.


xEdu provides a community of the recognized thought leaders in the area of education business. Our community of experts can offer valuable insights in the fields of pedagogy, technology, and business necessary for product development and market entrance. Whether you need mentoring, coaching, real-life environments for testing, research validation, or support in marketing or business planning, our community can help you to the next level.


bomberbotlogo_whitebg_dropshadow (2)

Bomberbot is a digital learning platform that helps teachers to introduce programming to students aging from 7 to 11.


EdVisto is a web-based storytelling platform supporting video creation and mobile social media.


The Mighty United aims at implementing social skills and empathy to schools. The product, Mightifier app, boosts wellbeing and work peace at school by collecting every kid’s highlights and strengths told by their classmates.


KOULU Group creates solutions to private school owners. We deliver world class training and development services to private K-12 schools and kindergartens.

nordtouch pieni

Nordtouch provides a solution that diversifies the interaction between a teacher and students in a classroom. The product, Flinga, is a collaborative platform with integrated, engaging, pedagogical activities.


Psyon Games makes high quality free to play science entertainment games.

Revisely logo OK

Revisely’s tool addresses the issue of teachers’ manual work in correcting texts that are created by students. This tool provides teachers with an online tool to correct texts and give feedback to students.


Seppo is an authoring tool for creating educational games.

In-residence companies


Finding open jobs and proposing them to applications within Fuzu network.


Social e-learning solutions.

Moomin Language School:

Playful eSolutions for language learning.





Incubator Partner


Fontell House Partners

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We have a reputable network of companies and
investors putting up the funding for the program.

For 2016 Accelerator Program
participants, funding starting from



For the best individual companies,
the investment can go up to


xEdu Accelerator Program

Program provides targeted and essential support to accelerate the market entrance of your education business product or service through:

Cross-domain community of
experts and industry leaders

• Tailored growth plan

Lectures by experts from
education business

• Real life testing and research in
Finnish schools and education
institutions together with high
quality Finnish educators

• Access to validated customer base
expanding from Finland to all around
the world

• Peer support from other start-ups
in the same program

• Co-working space in Fontell house

Sparring from in-house companies

• Publicity during and after the program

• Start-up acceleration learnings
yours to keep

• Alumni membership in xEDU

AND funding

Who are we looking for?

Target startup companies
of xEdu Accelerator program:


Are creating services and products for the education business


Have a capable and committed team for growth


With product/service that is ready or almost ready for market validation and expansion

Program schedule

xEdu Autumn ’16 Dash gives you an access to what you need to take your team, product, and business to the next level. After our nurture you’ll be strong and successful – on an individual and company level.

Schedule for Autumn’16:
Application period: 2.5.-5.6.
Results and 2nd stage questions: 6.6.
Pitch event + interviews: 10.6.
Final results: 15.6.
Program starts: 22.8.
Slush: 29.11 – 1.12.
Program ends: 21.12.


Important and interesting news from us or from others.



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Contact Us

For program related questions:

xEdu Niko Lindholm

Niko Lindholm, Program Director

+358 40 778 0919

For sponsorship and other collaboration opportunities:

xEdu Antti Korhonen

Antti Korhonen, CEO

+358 400 807 211

Siltavuorenpenger 7
00170 Helsinki, FINLAND