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    About xEdu and our Community

    xEdu is an accelerator that works with startups creating transformative learning solutions in the education sector. Based in Finland, we maximize upon the expertise of our nation’s superior educational system and pioneering tech/gaming scene and combine it with our dynamic global network of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs and investors.

    We believe in the power of education and the need to find ways to encourage the potential and growth for this generation and many generations to come. That’s why our xEdu Accelerator Program is fully serviceable, hands-on and helps build strategic relationships with the right partners to provide the specific expertise needed to bring the best learning solutions to the global market. We offer:

    Partnerships with leading tech companies.
    Pedagogical evaluation from world class educators.
    Mentorship with recognized business influencers.

    xEdu has quickly gained visibility and recognition internationally from both the private and public sectors for our game-changing approach to the education business accelerator space. We look forward to working with you to help revolutionize the future of the way we think, learn and teach.

    xEdu provides a vast global network of recognized leaders in education business that are committed to creating effective learning solutions that stand out in competitive international markets. From product development to market entry, xEdu offers assistance in various areas including coaching, mentoring, real-life environment for testing, research and marketing. With decades of experience in technology, education and business, our community of experts are here to help you reach the next level.

Introducing Startups of Fall ’16


3DBear makes 3D printing fun and engaging in schools. 3DBear is a game that runs on a tablet. Unlike any other application, 3DBear hides all the complexity of 3D printing and makes it into child’s play.


Atomic Shapes is bridging the gap between 3D printing and Education through a simple and easy-to-use solution to make 3D models. Understanding of 3D is essential in current time so Atomic Shapes make it fun and easy. By combining the benefits of both physical and digital modelling Atomic Shapes deliver a simple user experience that allows students to make a 3D model by just using their hands.


EMMA Math is a novel pedagogical approach to teaching math, developed by experienced teachers to help in math learning problems and raise the level of mathematical thinking of every child. EMMA Math provides turnkey digital material packages for math teaching for K12 schools and publishers.


Little Wild Worlds is a preschool edutainment brand that uniquely combines realistic animation with fun animal adventures, learning and play.


Lyfta creates interactive VR-documentaries that make serious topics accessible, engaging and fun for learners, and easy to teach and assess for educators. A series of creative activities and assessments, designed by Finnish and British pedagogical experts, complement the engaging digital content.


International Minifiddlers is a distance education innovation in violin studies. International Minifiddlers offers the best method – the Colourstrings – for that. It provides intensive and systematic virtual education for violin pedagogues by using modern technology.


Mukava is a state-of-the-art service for daycare, combining the various requirements of parents, caregivers and administration staff into one service. First and foremost, Mukava is designed to simplify daily routines at home and in daycare.


MusiClock is an internationally awarded and patented music-learning tool that helps you learn the basics in music theory.


Social emotional learning tool based on the Pikkuli TV series. Pikkuli effectively addresses many learning themes, such as social skills, self-expression and the processing of feelings.

Qridi Sininen logo rajattu

Qridi is an evaluation and assessment tool with a pedagogical approach. You can e.g. measure the 21st-century skills or any other wanted criteria for an individual student, class or school from different perspectives: student, teacher, parents, peers. Qridi won the Best digital learning solution in Finland 2016.


Roundies teaches emotional skills by combining mobile gaming, internet of things and traditional media. Roundies brings a new, safe framework for children to learn to recognise their feelings, develop emotional intelligence and social skills.

TinyApp_ei taustaa

TinyApp is the platform for the early education sector to work especially in the world of families and nurseries. TinyApp provides a platform for the early education sector to share information and develop competences safely and without time and place restrictions.


Important and interesting news from us or from others.

In-residence companies


Finding open jobs and proposing them to applications within Fuzu network.

Fun Academy:

Rovio spinoff that is making learning fun.

Moomin Language School:

Playful eSolutions for language learning.





Ecosystem Partners


Fontell House Partners

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Funding is generated from a reputable network of top investors from the public and private sectors. For the 2016 xEdu Accelerator Program, funding opportunities begin at €10K and can go up to €300K for participating startups.

For the 2016 xEdu Accelerator Program, funding opportunities begin at



and can go for the participating companies up to


xEdu Accelerator Program

Program provides targeted and essential support to accelerate the market entrance of your education business product or service through:

Cross-domain community of
experts and industry leaders

• Tailored growth plan

Lectures by experts from
education business

• Real life testing and research in
Finnish schools and education
institutions together with high
quality Finnish educators

• Access to validated customer base
expanding from Finland to all around
the world

• Peer support from other start-ups
in the same program

• Co-working space in Fontell house

Sparring from in-house companies

• Publicity during and after the program

• Start-up acceleration learnings
yours to keep

• Alumni membership in xEDU

AND funding

Who are we looking for?

Target startup companies
of xEdu Accelerator program:


Are creating services and products for the education business


Have a capable and committed team for growth


With product/service that is ready or almost ready for market validation and expansion


xEdu offers a half year accelerator based in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland primarily focused on helping the most promising startups build scalable, educationally minded, commercially viable learning solutions from product development to market entry. Participating companies receive access to our tools, resources, mentorship, expertise and network of industry leaders. We provide:
Funding and access to investors
Specifically tailored business development plan
Work space @ Fontell House
Expertise in best practices
Real-life testing within Finnish educational institutions
Access to our international customer database
Peer support from our startup community
Publicity during and after the program
Workshops and lectures from education business experts
Alumni membership in xEdu
A stimulating, challenging and rewarding environment working with the best-in-class leaders in tech, education and business.

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Contact Us

For program related questions:

xEdu Niko Lindholm

Niko Lindholm, Program Director

+358 40 778 0919

For sponsorship and other collaboration opportunities:

xEdu Antti Korhonen

Antti Korhonen, CEO

+358 400 807 211

Siltavuorenpenger 7
00170 Helsinki, FINLAND